Stephanie Kelly

I am 37 years old and live in Mount Bethel Pennsylvania with my husband and our six children. They range in ages from 3-19 years old. Needless to say, there is rarely a dull moment! Staying busy us just a part of who I am. And, I can honestly say, after being a mom all of these years, going to school and bartending at nights, that I am a very skilled multitasker! 

Working with people also comes naturally to me and I enjoy interacting with and getting to know people in all aspects of my daily life. While interacting with clients I fully understand and appreciate the need for direct and considerate communication. Their time is just as valuable as my own and I will always strive to do my best to make sure they know that. Helping someone to find their perfect home is a challenge that I am always looking forward to. Through the balance of both friendship and professionalism, I hope to make the journey of finding that new home a good experience that leads to a long lasting and positive relationship between me, my clients, and D-N-A Property Management Co.